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        Scientific Research Institutions

        Hubei Key Laboratory of Plasma Chemistry and New Materials

        Established in July of 1996, the Laboratory regarded plasma chemistry and new materials as the main research field. Approved by the Education Department and the Scientific and Technological Department of Hubei, it became one of the key laboratories of Hubei in 2001, taking microwave plasma technology and advanced materials as the main research object. Its main researches are: (1) Reseach of the microwave source , microwave devices and microwave plasma devices ; (2) Impact of physical characteristics of plasma on material structures and performances; (3)Plasma technology and industrialization of its relevant materials.

        It occupies an area of 600m2.The large-scale devices amount to 19 and the value of the equipment is up to more than 3 million yuan.The devices include Plasma carving machine, deposit equipment of microwave plasma chemical gaseous phase(1 kW, 5kW), microwave ECR sputter device , chemical gaseous phase deposit device of microwave ECR, multi- target magnetism control- sputter plate membrane device, X-ray diffraction device etc. This laboratory has already become the important base of scientific research and personnel training. It has trained 7 Doctors and 8 Masters . Many of theresearchers are respectively responsibility Professors, academic leaders and academic backbones for the provincial key discipline " material study ",and they have played a remarkable push role to discipline construction and discipline development.

        The Hubei Key Laboratory of New-type Reactors and Green Chemical Technology

        There are 3 main research directions: New-type reactor and response-separation technology, meticulous chemicals and green chemical technology , living beings and high polymer material . With four provincial key disciplines " chemical equation " , " chemical technology " " applied chemistry " " bioengineering ", and one provincial key chemical studying and designing institute, two “Chutian” scholars to rely on,considering discipline development trend, combined the focus of discipline and studying and front field, it has distinct characteristics and advantages, There are 16 professors, 19 associate professors, amongwhich the number of dictorial supervisors is 3, doctors 10 , those who come back from abroad 7. Now in this laboratory experimental facilities are more than 7,300,000 yuan (RMB), including the pilot scale device at 3 million yuan. Since 2001, the cost of scientific research has amounted to more than 25,690,000 yuan. The Laboratory has established long and steady cooperation.with overseas universities of U.S.A., Germany and Italy etc. and domestic higher education and research institutions such as Tsing-Hua University, the university of Tianjin , South China University of Science and Technology etc.

        Hubei Application Project Centre of Microwave Plasma Technology

        The Centre engages in the research of plasma technology and function membrane material and microwave source devices etc. It follows the trail of international advanced science and technology closely, and has made remarkable progresses in the craft of microwave plasma application technology and research and development of its products. The key technology is in leading competence at home. The diamond membrane devices in the microwave plasma CVD, which the Centre succeeds in developing, has reached international most-advanced level by the qualification at Provincial and Ministerial levels, and has already listed in the project of " demonstration project of national high-tech industrialization".

        The Centre bases on Hubei, orients towards the whole country,stroves to become the radiated center of microwave plasma high technology. Putting out the new products constantly, it becomes the incubator that develops the new products of high technology, and creates conditions for new economic growth.

        Hubei Pilot Scale Base of Fine Chemistry Industry

        Established in 1992, relied mainly on the fact that the planning commission of Hubei makes the investment , relied on the construction of Studying and Designing Institute of Chemical Industry of Hubei, the Base undertakes the pilot scale task of fine chemistry industry in the whole province. It has characteristics of being multi-functional , comprehensive and flexible. Covering an area of 7000 square meters, there are all kinds of 50 sets of testing equipment in all (set), and relatively perfect analysis tests means. It has successively accomplished dozens of scientific research tasks such as plant growth regulator, lubriation material , papermaking and printing chemicals , polyolefin auxiliary, and organic silicon material etc., which has offered the advantage for transferring scientific findings to productivity rapidly.

        Chemical Trade Technique Center of Hubei

        The Center established formally with the approval of Trade Committee of Hubei province in December of 1999. Taking the product structure and technological structure of the small and medium enterprises of our province into account, resorting to technological development , project technological consultation , technological cooperation and scientific and technical innovation, it serves chemical enterprises andaims to promote the technological progress and adjust product structure of medium and small chemical enterprises of our province.

        Hubei Productivity Promotion Center of Chemical Industry

        The Center is a comprehensive scientific and technological service organization set up by the government, aiming to improve productivity, promote the chemical enterprise's technological innovation of Hubei. It insists on the principle of " leaning against the government , facing enterprises , uniting social scientific and technological strength to do a good job of one pair of services ". Relied on all scientific and technological strength and resources, it offers to chemical enterprises of Hubei , especially small and medium-sized enterprises, science and technology and the service in economy , talent , policy , information ,etc.So it is a professional intermediary based on government's position.

        Research and Design Institute of WIT

        Set up in 1979, under the jurisdiction of the Office of Trade of Petrochemical Industry of Hubei originally, it is now one of the integrative multi-functional provincial key scientific research institutions thatfocuses on research and development , design , information, analysis and tests. In December 2000, approved byDocument No. 45 [2000], it entered the school and became the subordinate unit of the school. It is renamed “Research and Design Institute of WIT” and it keeps the name of " Hubei studying and designing institute of chemical industry " at the same time.With the economic development of the market in recent years, four main research fields of lubriation material, papermaking, printing chemicals, polyolefin auxiliary, organic silicon material come into being and have grown into industry developing directions.

        Now in the Institute, the number of working staff is 175 and fixed assets are 11 million yuan.

        Center of test and survey

        Set up in 1987, it owns around 500 thousand RMB of Present Permanent Assets, over 100 equipments and more than 10 sets of large-size appliances. The center is in the spirit of serving the institute as a whole and shouldering the following responsibilities----the testing classes of the appliance analysis for graduates, undergraduates and the academic study and teaching tasks as domestic services and outward services like all kinds of analyzing and experimental projects.

        Nano and Ceramic Materials Research Center

        Nano and Ceramic Materials (NCM) Research Center was established by Wuhan Institute of Technology (WIT) in April of 2009 as the first research center in China to undertake the R&D of boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) and related materials. It is a part of the key research project at WIT for sourcing technology and cooperation on BNNTs and related materials. Its current researches are: (1) Pilot scale production of BNNTs for engineering applications, (2) BNNT-reinforced HT wave-transparent ceramic composites, (3) Functional polymer/BNNTs composites, and (4) Controllable synthesis and fabrication of functional nanostructured materials.
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